Gatherings Policy

Gatherings may be impacted by COVID-19 protocols depending on venue, visitor attendance, and more. Talk to the organizer or host to make sure you understand the expectations around masks, capacity, and other protocols. And gather outdoors whenever possible.

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The bottom line on gatherings is...

Know before you go.

  • Event venues can once again be utilized for meetings, conferences, and performances. Gathering size will be determined by venue and nature of the event and subject to public health protocols in effect at the time of the event.
  • In-person student activities will take place without most of the COVID restrictions that were in effect throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Any other necessary protocols specific to students will be communicated directly by the Student Activities Office and/or Residential Life. 
  • Visitors are expected to mask when attending indoor gatherings on campus. Organizers of events should convey this expectation to attendees.
  • The Vice President of University Enterprises and Events is authorized to impose any restrictions on gatherings, including reducing the number of permitted attendees, that might be deemed necessary to protect the health of the campus community or guests.