Friday Week: Fr. Jenkins: Dear Faculty and Staff

Author: Andy Fuller

Fr. Corby statue lifted into place outside renovated Corby Hall
Father Corby Returns: Statue memorializing Father Corby’s general absolution of troops at Gettysburg was returned Monday to its prominent position at the site of the former and soon-to-be-completed new Corby Hall.(Photo credit Barbara Johnston, Notre Dame)

by Paul J. Browne

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues

“While we are not asking most of those who are working remotely to make any immediate changes, we will begin to bring groups of faculty and staff back to campus in a phased approach over the next few months—always with careful attention to your health and safety, and in a manner consistent with all federal, state, and local health requirements.”—from Father John Jenkins’ letter Tuesday to faculty and staff.  Full letter here.

Dear Members of the Notre Dame Community

“Today, we write to share an additional measure senior leaders are undertaking to respond to our ongoing budget pressures. We, along with the Provost-Elect, the Deans, the Vice Presidents and leaders in the Athletic Department, will voluntarily reduce our salaries ranging from five percent to twenty percent for the upcoming fiscal year.”—from  Father Jenkins and Shannon Cullinan’s letter Monday to members of the Notre Dame community. Full letter here.

The Statue of Father Corby Returns

The giant crane lifted the bronze figure about five feet into the air, then gently moved it into place.  And just like that, Father Corby was back home.  Continue reading here.

Honored Professor 

“Professor Nora Besansky is a distinguished scientist whose research into the genomics of malaria vectors has provided profound contributions to the field of vector biology,” said Mary Galvin, the William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the College of Science. “Induction into the National Academy of Sciences is one of the highest honors a scientist can receive, and we in the College of Science are very proud of Nora for not only this distinction, but also for her significant research achievements.”  Full story here. 

Honored Alumna

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a 1998 University of Notre Dame alumna and an investigative reporter for The New York Times Magazine, was honored Monday with the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

Hannah-Jones was recognized for her introductory essay to the newspaper’s landmark “1619 Project,” an ongoing and interactive series she created that focuses on the 400th anniversary of when enslaved Africans were first brought to what would become the United States.  Full story here.

Honored Students

Brady Stiller of Madisonville, Louisiana, has been named valedictorian and Love Osunnuga from Granger, Indiana, was selected as salutatorian of the 2020 Notre Dame graduating class.  Full story here.

The Robinson Center Connects

“They said their son was missing me so much, and my heart just broke,” said Samantha Musleh, who teaches preschool to learners of English as a new language at the RCLC as an AmeriCorps member.  Full story here.

Unmoored and Floating

“A few years back, my mom decided it would be fun for our whole family to try out a sensory deprivation tank.  It’s a silly thing to do, very New Age.  The idea is pretty simple: You climb into a soundproof pod filled with salt water, and the lights shut off.  Just you and nothing else for an hour—complete silence, complete darkness, no gravity.  It’s supposed to put you into a trance.  Or something like that.”  Full story here.

R&R from the Pandemic Front Line

Notre Dame startup Tradelasts’ mission is to create memories by establishing a community of trusted vacation homeowners.  Recognizing the tireless efforts of physicians and medical responders in this pandemic, Tradelasts has pivoted its business model to match vacation homeowners with medical personnel to provide these first responders and their families a free vacation stay, once the crisis is over, as a gift of gratitude for the care to our communities they selflessly provide.  Full story here.

Division of Student Affairs

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Paul J. Browne is vice president of public affairs and communications