Your Time in Quarantine & Isolation

We thank you for your cooperation during your time in Quarantine or Isolation (Q/I).

Please remember that you are in quarantine/isolation. Guests are not allowed and you must stay inside your space/room. Failure to follow this may result in disciplinary action.

Important Phone Numbers

For non-urgent questions that may require assistance from a Q/I hall staff member, email

UHS (24x7)

• Questions regarding COVID testing, entering Q/I, being released from Q/I, assessing symptoms


NDPD Dispatch (24x7)

• Transportation to/from Q/I
• Emergency situations


Q/I Hall Staff On-Duty (24x7)

• Residential Life staff members in charge of student support during your Q/I stay
• You may also reach out to your own hall staff if you forgot items necessary for your stay in Q/I


University Counseling Center (24x7)

• Mental health resources for students in Q/I


Center for Culinary Excellence (call if not receiving meals) • Dining services for students in Q/I
• Meal deliveries (2x/day)
• Allergy / food sensitivities for meals delivered


Building Services (missing linens/toiletries)

• Missing linens or essential items


Fischer Grad Maintenance

• Maintenance requests if you’re staying at Fischer Grad


The Landings Maintenance

• Maintenance requests if you’re staying at the Landings


Center for Student Support and Care

• Care and Wellness Consultants, Accessibility Services


OIT Help Desk

• Issues related to wi-fi


St. Michael’s Laundry



University Accommodations Process 

If you are previously registered with Sara Bea Accessibility Services or have a diagnosed medical condition other than COVID-19 that may require other accommodations during your time in quarantine or isolation, please reach out to discuss what support is available to you.

All questions or requests can be directed to to talk through available support during your time in Q/I. If you would like to speak with someone, please call 574- 631-7157 with questions.

Academic Preparation

As you prepare for your stay in isolation you should know that your faculty will have access to a report that verifies your absence from class. You should reach out to them to discuss how you will access course materials and make up any missed work.