Documenting Your Vaccination

Students: Document Your Vaccination

First Dose

If you are a student and have received a first dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, upload a picture of your vaccine card to your UHS patient portal. (Use the "My Forms" feature and click "COVID Vaccination - Students.")

Initial Vaccination Completion

After a second dose of Moderna or Pfizer, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson, upload a picture of the vaccine card through the "My Forms" section of your UHS patient portal.

Booster Vaccination

Documentation for students who receive the booster dose at University Health Services (UHS) or at an on-campus booster vaccination clinic will automatically be uploaded to the student’s UHS patient portal.

Students who receive the COVID-19 vaccine booster at an off-campus location, including the Notre Dame Wellness Center, must upload documentation to their UHS patient portal. After logging in, go to the “My Forms” section, click on COVID Booster Dose, complete the form in its entirety, and attach a JPEG or PDF of your vaccination card.

Faculty & Staff: Document Your Vaccination

Faculty and Staff who have completed the primary series of a COVID-19 vaccination and/or a booster shot should document their vaccination.

Report primary series or booster dose of COVID vaccination.