Employee Policies

Remote Work

As outlined in a recent letter from Provost Marie Lynn Miranda and Executive Vice President Shannon Cullinan, those who have been working remotely due to the pandemic will begin the transition back to campus, with the goal of a full return to campus no later than Monday, August 2.

Financial Impact 

Looking to the new fiscal year, starting July 1, 2021:

  • Merit pay increases will resume, and promotions will be re-instituted, where appropriate.
  • The staff hiring freeze for replacement personnel will end on June 30, 2021, though approval of the appropriate dean or vice president will be required for such hires; and new staff positions will continue to require the approval of an executive officer.
  • Our full 403(b) matching contribution program will continue to remain in effect.
  • We are planning for an increase in our endowment payout.

While this news is promising, enduring uncertainties dictate that we all must continue to act with great prudence and be careful stewards of all University resources.

Financial Update (4/20/2021)