Terms of Use, Privacy, & Data

The Return to Campus Advisor (RTCA) is a vital component in Notre Dame's work to address health and safety on campus. Everyone at Notre Dame must complete a daily health check. Your answers will be used to determine your campus pass status and to support ongoing health and wellness activities. In addition, Notre Dame may use this information for internal evaluation and analysis.

We will combine data from the daily health check with other information like your name, your role at Notre Dame, your home and work addresses, and COVID-19 lab test results. If you provide us with close contacts, or if someone else who is positive says you were a close contact, we will add that information to the data. We will use all the data we collect to track community health, do contact tracing, analyze trends in the data, and support public health authorities. Your data may be shared with the Notre Dame Wellness Center, University Health Services, or, if required, with public health officials. 

Notre Dame is working with IBM, the developer of the RTCA, to provide this service. The information discussed above will be sent to IBM to be maintained in a secure environment. Please be aware that: 

  • The Return to Campus Advisor cannot diagnose you with COVID-19 or other illnesses, and it does not provide personalized treatments.
  • The Return to Campus Advisor also uses data from other sources like state and local agencies, federal public health authorities such as the CDC, and the scientific literature. These sources update and report data on different schedules; so sometimes the RTCA will report information that may differ from the original sources. 
  • IBM may use de-identified data obtained through this service for research, testing and offering development purposes. 
  • While the information you provide to the RTCA is not subject to federal U.S. health privacy laws, such as HIPAA, it will be treated as confidential and stored in secure environments.
  • The Return to Campus Advisor is provided as-is with no warranties. Neither the University nor IBM, as a third-party vendor, has any liability to you as an end user.

If you have concerns about your health or the health and safety of our campus, you should speak with your healthcare provider or call Notre Dame’s 24-hour COVID-19 hotline 574-631-HERE (4373).