VP of student affairs Hoffmann Harding, VP of campus safety Seamon: Travel Requirements Following Exit Testing

Author: John Slott

Note: Dated communications are archived here for reference, but may not reflect the most up-to-date information available.

Covid 19 Travel Chart

Dear Notre Dame undergraduate, graduate, and professional students,

Thank you for your cooperation with exit testing. We write today to share information with you about travel expectations based on the results of your exit test.

The following infographic provides a summary of the expectations outlined below. Please read all instructions carefully.

Covid 19 Travel Chart

Students Who Test Positive

The St. Joseph County Department of Health, in accordance with isolation guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requires a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 to remain in isolation for a minimum of 10 days from the date of a positive test or symptom onset in the University’s daily health check application.

The expectation is that the student’s isolation will be completed in St. Joseph County under the jurisdiction of the local health department, with medical supervision from University Health Services (UHS).

If a student who has tested positive for COVID-19 wishes to leave Notre Dame’s isolation facilities or their off-campus residence prior to completing the required period of isolation, several steps are necessary:

  • Apply to UHS using this form and wait for written approval. Air travel is not permitted. Another driver must accompany the student.
  • If approved, the University must inform the health department with jurisdiction over the student’s new location that they will be receiving a confirmed COVID positive patient. 
  • Any family member driving the patient will necessarily be identified as a close contact and be required to quarantine for 14 days. Other members of the household are also likely to become close contacts and need to quarantine if they are with the patient for more than 15 minutes.

Students Who Are Close Contacts and In Quarantine

Students in quarantine, due to being deemed a close contact to someone who has tested positive, are expected to complete the established Notre Dame quarantine testing protocol and remain in St. Joseph County prior to being released.

If a student in quarantine wishes to leave Notre Dame’s quarantine facilities or their off-campus residence prior to completing the quarantine testing protocol, several steps are necessary:

  • Apply to UHS using this form and wait for written approval. Air travel is not permitted.
  • If approved, the student must complete the 14-day quarantine protocol advised by the CDC.

Students Who Test Negative

Students who test negative and are not identified as close contacts may travel home by either car or air. Please exercise caution while traveling by wearing a mask at all times, practicing physical distancing, and washing your hands frequently.


These travel expectations are imperative for the health and safety of those around you both locally and in your home community. Any student who fails to comply with this directive will be acting against public health requirements and medical advice, waiving all liability against the University, and will be referred to the University conduct process, including for emergency action.

Thank you for all that each of you are doing to facilitate a safe departure from campus. Best of luck with your finals, and know that you remain in our prayers as we conclude the Fall Semester.

In Notre Dame,

Erin Hoffmann Harding
Vice President for Student Affairs

Mike Seamon
Vice President for Campus Safety and University Operations