Provost Miranda and EVP Cullinan: Fall Update #2

Author: John Slott

Note: Dated communications are archived here for reference, but may not reflect the most up-to-date information available.


Dear Colleagues,

The start of a new academic year is always exciting – more complicated with COVID, but exciting nonetheless. We hope you are enjoying the elevated energy all over campus. We write with a few updates.

Running the numbers

Among our students, 96% have provided proof of vaccination, and the remaining 4% applied for and received an exemption, meaning the full 100% of our student community has met our most important COVID-related goal. Our special thanks to the many units across campus who diligently worked to ensure that students were aware of our policies and their responsibilities as members of the Notre Dame community.

Among our faculty and staff, 90% have provided proof of vaccination, and 8% have received an exemption. We continue to work with the remaining 2% and their supervisors to either document their vaccination or initiate the exemption process. We are clarifying with supervisors what University expectations are and what tools they have available to ensure that everyone meets those expectations.

COVID-19 dashboard is live

The Notre Dame COVID-19 Dashboard is now live for the fall semester and will be updated each week with information regarding the number of weekly cases, total positive cases, and total tests administered on campus. Tests are categorized as symptomatic or asymptomatic. Symptomatic tests, which we have previously referred to as diagnostic tests, are conducted for people who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Asymptomatic tests are administered as part of the University’s surveillance testing protocol, supplemental surveillance testing, and tests of individuals in quarantine. The individuals in these groups are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Symptomatic testing center hours extended

To better serve the Notre Dame community, the symptomatic testing center hours in the Joyce Center have been extended from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, by appointment only. All members of the Notre Dame community who have a high fever, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, or feel ill more generally (e.g., persistent headache, body aches, sore throat, or fatigue) are encouraged to promptly seek a symptomatic COVID test.

Faculty and staff can schedule a symptomatic test by contacting the Notre Dame Wellness Center at 574-631-0050.

For testing sites and appointments available outside of the University, please click here. When being tested for COVID at an off-campus facility (doctor’s office, pharmacy, etc.), faculty and staff should take a photo of the test result and email it to the Wellness Center at or call 574-631-0050 to report a positive result.

Asymptomatic testing for vaccinated faculty, staff, and for business travel

Beginning next week, asymptomatic testing spots will be made available by appointment only for vaccinated faculty and staff who would like to be tested. Faculty and staff can sign up for weekly testing times between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Voluntary asymptomatic testing spots may be adjusted based on usage and available testing capacity.

Although asymptomatic testing is not required for vaccinated faculty and staff, should any member of the Notre Dame community be asked to present for testing, it is the individual’s responsibility to report as requested. Faculty and staff with vaccine exemptions must sign up for surveillance testing.

Please note that asymptomatic testing is also available for faculty and staff traveling for University business purposes only. Documentation may be requested. Those seeking a test prior to personal travel should contact a non-University testing location.

You can expect more information from the University’s COVID-19 Response Unit later this week with instructions for how to sign up for a voluntary asymptomatic test or University business travel test.

Quarantine and isolation report for instructors

A new Instructor Q/I report is available for faculty and provides information regarding which students in a particular class are in COVID-related quarantine or isolation, as reported to the University. Only faculty who are the instructor of record will have access to this report. The report will be updated several times daily and display 14 days of information at a time. Learn more.

The Instructor Q/I report is designed to help faculty with planning classes or providing recordings. Instructors should continue to follow pre-pandemic practices for missed classes due to illness or other excused absences, including quarantine and isolation. Students in quarantine or isolation are responsible for contacting their instructors regarding missed classes or assignments. Other, non-Q&I related medical absences will continue to be approved through the existing UHS procedures. All instructors will receive more detailed guidance on policies and practices in a subsequent message.

The ND COVID website is your friend 😊

We are committed to sharing updates and reminders with you regularly through communications such as these. You can always refer to the COVID-19 website for the latest information, such as mask wearing (carry one at all times, and look for the signs!), contact tracing, and gatherings.

Closing thoughts

We usually like to close these letters with a photo, but this week, we don’t have one! If you have a picture you would like to share with the campus community, let us know.

As always, please be kind to each other and generous with yourselves.


With regards,

Marie Lynn Miranda, Provost
Shannon Cullinan, Executive Vice President