VP of Human Resources McQuade: More about remote work

Author: Andy Fuller

Dear Staff,

I wanted to provide additional information in follow up to the Executive Officers' letter that was sent to you this evening. The University remains open and operations continue with appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of the campus community. We appreciate the extraordinary efforts of all staff to support our mission of teaching and scholarship, especially during this ever-changing landscape.

Our University campus is considered home for many. Notre Dame is going to great extents to make sure campus is safe for all. In order to support essential services and facilities, virtual instruction, ongoing research, current residential needs, and the Congregation of Holy Cross, there are a number of roles that will need to continue to report to campus for work.

With the approval of their supervisor, employees that now will be working remotely should move to do so no later than the end of the workday on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Remote work will allow for social distancing and increase the safety of our campus community. The Office of Human Resources has created a remote work toolkit for managers and employees on our website.

As was previously communicated in the letter from the Executive Officers, the University will continue to pay all regular full-time and part-time staff. Regular full-time employees will be paid based upon their normally scheduled working hours. For regular non-exempt part-time staff, compensation will be calculated based on average hours worked. As always please consult your supervisor with any questions. We hope to resume normal operations in April. 

We have developed FAQs for more specific details about what this means for you. Please visit the coronavirus.nd.edu site for continued updates. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing rapidly, and the Office of Human Resources is reviewing workforce policies regularly and issuing updates as needed to account for new scenarios and sensitivities. We will continue to adapt and prepare our community, our workforce, and our campus for a range of operational scenarios. Please direct questions to the askHR customer service center at askhr@nd.edu or 574-631-5900.

This is a stressful time for all of us, and since we are in uncharted territory, we may feel more anxious than we otherwise would. I hope it goes without saying we encourage you to take care of yourself during these times and to rely on the many services we offer.

In Notre Dame,

Robert K. McQuade

Vice President, Human Resources